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At Teaming, we deliver an all-encompassing medical and aesthetic business growth strategy. Our process is to guide you and your team through a three-phased approach.

Business Growth Strategy

Discovery Session

Development of Strategic Business, Marketing and Team Development Plan

Implementation of Strategic Business Growth Plan

Whether you are in the startup stage of your practice, or it is established and you are ready to take the next step and expand your client base, Teaming is here to assist you.  From conducting the initial business analysis to developing and implementing your new business growth strategy. From the process of client acquisition to the final handover, Teaming has you covered.

Discovery Session


Direction and Clarity

Any good business, marketing and especially team building strategy needs to begin with trust and accountability. This is why, at Teaming, we offer a complimentary 30 minute phone ‘Discovery Session’ where we learn about you and your practice, and you learn about us and our approach. This call involves an in-depth discussion to provide you and your team with the direction and clarity needed to move forward with your business’s strategic planning for long term growth.

Development of Strategic Business & Marketing Plan

Fixed One-Off Price

Business Analysis & Breakdown of Current Strategies

We begin developing your company’s strategic business plan by providing an in-depth internal business review and complete assessment of your practice. This includes an in-house practice visit and a one-on-one strategic practice and planning consultation.

Together we analyse your current business structure and offerings. This analysis and breakdown will assist in the development of your business’s customised growth strategy and pin point, what is working, what is not and most importantly, where the greatest opportunity for growth lies.

Patient/Client Identifcation & Acquisition

Our patient identification and assessment includes a breakdown of client acquisition processes. We analyse current client experience and retention to create a personalised client acquisition management strategy – this includes recommendations for bringing new clients to your practice, patient experience, engagement and client retention.

Development of Strategic Growth Plan

Creation of a business growth strategy and strategic marketing plan, will provide a clear direction on how to reach your target audience, boost your customer base and ultimately increase your bottom line. As a result, it will also help your customers understand why your service offering is different from, or over and above that of your competition.

Team Management & Development

It is a well-known fact that individuals and their teams perform better with business coaching and mentoring. That this boost in performance translates into business growth and increased results. Coaching for your medical practice can;


  • Increase staff productivity and build a more effective team
  • Improve communication
  • Increase staff commitment and loyalty to the business
  • Decrease levels of stress and tension amongst the team.
  • Create a more positive workplace culture.

Creation of Marketing & Social Media Strategy

Don’t underestimate the power of search engines and social media in your business growth strategy. Social media and the development of a Google Ad campaign is your first port of call to get in front of your potential clients. Search Engine Optimisation is a long term investment, it takes longer but has an amazing ROI (Return on Investment), when implemented correctly. Plan includes;


  • SEO Website Audit
  • Traffic and Lead Conversion Assessment
  • Lead nurture campaign
  • Market Research & Competitor Analysis
  • Development of Google Ad Strategy and Campaign (CPC)
  • Development of Social Media Strategy

Final Consultation

A presentation of your company’s ‘Strategic Business & Marketing Plan’ includes a breakdown of findings from the business analysis and allows for a smooth transition. Teaming is there to set your medical business up for success.

Initial Team Strengths and Struggles Assessment and Team Culture Workshop

Additional Cost

We strongly recommend adding the ‘Initial Team Health Workshop’ as part of your business growth and development package.  This process helps team members build on their strengths, appreciate the differences in the team and maximise the abilities of the team, as a whole.

It also promotes trust amongst the group and assists teams to effectively manage conflict and change. Change is inevitable when growing and scaling your business. As a result, team culture reflection is essential.

Implementation of Strategic Business Growth Plan

Monthly Retainer

Once your new business growth strategy has been developed, it is essential that it is implemented correctly. We do understand that there will be some practices that would prefer to continue using their current marketing agency. There may be some that want to utilise their own in house team. You may also choose to work with Teaming’s highly skilled subject matter experts, whichever choice you make is perfectly fine.

Unfortunately no solution is “set and forget” and therefore it is imperative that the team delivering on the plan is held accountable to timelines and delivering on ROI. This can be arduous and time consuming so if you would prefer to spend your valuable time focusing on your clients and what you do best, Teaming is here to roll out your new strategy, hold all stakeholders accountable, bring in new clients and continue to help your business flourish!

Depending on the needs of your business monthly retainers can also include, but are not limited to:

– Search Engine Optimisation

– Google Ads

– Facebook Conversion Funnel

– Facebook & Instagram Ad Spend

– Email Nurturing Campaign

Please Note: For more information on our monthly retainer packages and the associated costs please contact Roanne.

Ready to talk? Contact us on 0418 100 748  or head to our ‘Contact Us’ page.


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