At Teaming, we believe in a holistic approach to business growth and development. We understand that each and every medical and aesthetic practice is different and has different requirements. This is why we specialise in providing a completely personalised approach for all our clients. A customised plan each business development and marketing strategy within the Medical, Aesthetic and Healthcare space. We provide you with a customised solution and strategic advice based on your company’s individual goals, strengths and needs.

Large portions of our clients come to us, frustrated, after having big corporations looking after their marketing and business development. Frustrated by the lack of results, frustrated by the lack of growth. Frustrated by the amount of time it takes to “manage” them. Does this sound like you?

Why is this happening? Simply, these agencies are working off a ‘one size fits all’ approach. They are business consultants that cater for the masses. As a result, they don’t necessarily specialise in the medical industry. These agencies don’t understand the personalised client acquisition strategies needed to create a thriving practice.

As medical and aesthetic practices are typically busy places, these agencies are not being held accountable for the delivery of high quality services or results. They are slipping through the cracks and the lack of results are going unnoticed for longer than they should.

These factors alone mean that these businesses are not being set up for success. As a result, their growth is minimal, at best.

Roanne Innes - Founder of Teaming

Who is Teaming?

Roanne Innes, the founder of Teaming, is flanked by a dedicated and results driven team. Together, we are one of Australia’s leading ‘medical and healthcare specialist’ consulting and marketing companies.

Having been involved in the healthcare and coaching industry for over 23 years, we understand that as a practitioner, your focus is your team and of course, your clients. For that, we applaud and support you.

Our task is to analyse, develop and implement your bespoke business growth and development + marketing strategy. Why? So that you can focus on your priorities and do what you do best!

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